I know applying for an apartment can sometimes take forever, but it can also be very quick if you are prepared and bring all of the necessary materials on your first visit.  If you are going to be touring apartments on a weekend and know there is a good chance that you will apply if a great deal runs across your path, you will want to have everything you need to make the application process to go fast.  Below, I have listed the items that will definitely speed things along!

  1. Driver’s License or Valid ID – this is also VERY IMPORTANT when touring because properties will not show you an apartment without you providing a government issued ID or Driver’s License.
  2. Checkbook or Debit Card – Most Apartments will let you submit your application using a check or money order, and sometimes even a debit card or credit card.
  3. Last 3 employee check stubs or Offer Letter – Apartments will need to verify your income and typically ask for your last 3 check stubs.  If you are relocating or starting a new job, an Offer Letter from your Employer will usually work also.
  4. Rental History Info – Your application will typically ask for your last 3 places of residence, so having the info written down will make filling out the application a lot easier and faster.

For the most part, this should be all you really need to get the application process finished.  There are times where the property will ask for additional information and it may delay the process a little, but it will definitely be a lot quicker with the above items in your possession at the beginning!


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